Flex Coding

AS3 Library For Amazon’s S3 Service
Digg :: Flash toolkit
Google Analytics PHP API
Google Gears :: Also, see the Google Gears section below
Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Maps
Yahoo Search
Yahoo Weather
Cliff Hall :: PureMVC
Joe Berkovitz :: An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Sean Levy :: Complete component communication solution for Flex :: Using ALON (Autonomous Linking Object Network Design Pattern)
Automated Code Generation
See the Automated Code Generation section on our Testing, Debugging & Agile Methods page.
Daniel Rinehart :: Programmatic Bindings
Ralph Hauwert :: Autocomplete component memory leak
Charting Components
Adobe :: Chart data drill down examples
Doug McCune :: Why I LOVE Flex – Charting example
Coding Conventions
DClick :: Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines
Collections, Libraries & Frameworks
Adobe :: corelib :: MD5 hashing, JSON serialization, advanced string and date parsing, and more
Adobe :: Flex Cookbook beta
Adobe :: Flex Scheduling Framework
Adobe :: Quick Starts :: Great stuff
Adobe :: RSS and Atom Libraries
Danny Patterson :: AS3 Lightweight Remoting Framework :: “a simple yet robust framework for handling remoting calls”
Faranta Systems :: daoFlex :: Automated generation of Java data access code
JAM :: Just ActionScript & MXML
Ely Greenfield :: Some thoughts on Flex vs. HTML (or…”how I made my Flex List Images stop flickering.”)
Stephen Gilson :: Creating Resizable and Draggable Flex Components
Context Menus
Kevin Hoyt :: Context Menus Revisited
Database Connectivity
Lukasz Blachowicz :: Asql :: Actionscript MySQL Driver
Matt MacLean :: asSQL :: Actionscript MySQL Driver
Drawing Etc.
Andrew Trice :: Flex 2 BitmapData Tricks and Techniques
Andrew Trice :: Realtime Thumbnails of Flex UIComponents :: More info
Jason Hawryluk :: Primitive Explorer :: More info
Ted Patrick :: Developing in Trees :: Adding sprites to the DisplayList :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Bruce Phillips :: Filtering an XML Object In ActionScript to Create Related Combo Boxes in Flex
Mike Morearty :: Common E4X pitfalls
Oliver Merk :: Flex Custom Events – Part 1
Tink :: Custom Events in AS 3.0 (don’t forget to override the clone method)
Google Gears
Google Gears :: “Three modules that address the core challenges in making web applications work offline”
LocalServer :: Cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) locally
Database :: Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database
WorkerPool :: Make your web applications more responsive by performing resource-intensive operations asynchronously
http://code.google.com/p/as3mapprlib Christophe Coenraets :: Flex-based SQLAdmin for Google Gears
Alex Styler :: Flex, Yahoo! Maps & RSS Feeds
David Coletta :: Accelorator Decorations on Menus
Modularization, RSLs, Etc.
James Ward :: Faster Flex Applications: Shrink Your RSLs
James Ward :: Ajax and Flex Data Loading Benchmarks
Mark Piller :: Flex RemoteObject vs WebService benchmark
Nico Lierman :: Flex performance component
Physics Engines
Andre Michelle
Moto Flash Physics Engine
Timothée Groleau :: Scope Chain and Memory waste in Flash MX
Uncategorized Code Examples & Tips
Alastair Dawson :: Multiple File Upload with Flash and Ruby on Rails
Andrew Trice :: Benefits of defining a custom event type for data binding :: E.g. “[Bindable(event=”MyEvent”)]”
Andrew Trice :: Flex Search Mashup :: Uses AJAX Bridge :: More info
Andrew Trice :: Gantt Charts in Flex DataGrids in less than 1 hour!
Angus Johnson :: Datagrid Label Function Demo
Arpit Mathur :: Showing XML structure in a Tree
Ben Clinkinbeard :: Item Renderers in DataGrids – A Primer for Predictable Behavior
Ben Clinkinbeard :: Creating truly reusable renderers with ClassFactory
Brian Deitte :: Embedding HTML in a Flex application using an IFrame
Bruce Phillips :: Creating A Flex ButtonBar That Displays Tool Tips
Bruce Phillips :: Creating Web Page and Email Links In A Flex Application
Bruce Phillips :: Dynamically Create CheckBoxes, Their Labels, And Their Select Values In Flex
Bruce Phillips :: Example Of Using Modules In Flex 2.01
Bruce Phillips :: How To Create A FlexBook Component That Includes Content Pulled From A Database
Bruce Phillips :: How To Get Text To Wrap Correctly In A Flex DataGrid Column
Bruce Phillips :: Sort An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields and Filter An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields In Flex
Bruce Phillips :: Using the TileList Control :: Dragging Items From a TileList Control To A Container
Christophe Coenraets :: Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server
Daniel Wanja :: Flex introspection API: describeType(value:*):XML :: Find a class’s superclass, methods, etc.
Darron Schall :: Convert Generic Objects into Class Instances
Dave Rangel :: A Form Validation Tool in Flex 2
David Coletta :: Call validateNow() after setting enabled to false
Derrick Grigg :: DataGrid ItemRenderer with filtering
Doug McCune :: Multi-line strings in Actionscript 3
Ely Greenfield :: Howdjoo do that? An interactive walkthrough of the DisplayShelf 3D tilting effect
Ely Greenfield :: Using Custom Data-Based Renderers in Charts
Ely Greenfield :: Dashed Lines
Fain, Rasputnis & Tartakovsky :: Advanced DataGrid Code Samples
Jesse Warden :: Checkbox Item Renderer :: Discusses how to catch their bubbling events
Joe Berkovitz :: An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Joe Rinehart :: Semantically encapsulating effect sequences in Flex 2
Kelly Brown :: Accessing the Local File System with Flex
Mark Piller :: Mixing HTML and Flex using IFrame
Michael Labriolla :: Displaying XML-based DataGrids using dynamic E4X expressions
Michael Ramirez :: Flex DataGrid Paging Example with Source
Michael Ritchie :: Adding Drag-and-Drop & Drop Deny to DataGrid
Mike Morearty :: Transparent Flex Apps
Mike Teoti :: Flex 2 :: Tree :: Walking the Tree Method :: “the dataProvider rocks”
Paul Williams :: The World’s Smallest Tag? ::
Peter Elst :: Working with mx.core.Repeater
Peter Ent :: Coloring the Background of [DataGrid] Cells
Peter Ent :: Data Binding Tip :: “A simple way to enable/disable controls based on selection”
Peter Ent :: Filtering Collections
Peter Ent :: Tree Drag and Drop
Sergey Kovalyov :: Text control with truncateToFit property support
Renaun Erickson :: Flex 2 and Red 5 Chat Example :: Live example
Ted Patrick :: Code-Behind in Flex 2
Tink :: Drag & Drop
Tom Cornilliac :: Flex Builder Tip: Saving the generated AS3 code :: Use the compilers -keep option, examine your MXML’s AS3 code conversion!
Tracy Spratt :: Add components programmatically with addChild()
Tracy Spratt :: Hide-Show DataGrid Columns programmatically
Tracy Spratt :: Dynamic DataGrid columns
Victor Rubba :: DataGrid Search with Highlighted Matches
Yakov Fain :: Event-driven programming in Flex with Custom Events

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