Flex with java

Adobe Flex With Java
Anatole Tartakovsky interview :: Answering Tough Questions About Enterprise Development
Bruce Eckel :: Hybridizing Java
Christophe Coenraets :: Building database-driven Flex applications without writing (Client- or server-side) code :: Introduces a SimpleJDBCAssembler FDMS adapter
Christophe Coenraets :: Flex Test Drive Server for Java Developers (Tomcat-based)
Daniel Harfleet :: Calling Java remote objects and handling results
Daniel Harfleet :: Passing complex parameters and results
Jeff Vroom :: Architecting RIAs with Flex Data Management Services
Yakov Fain :: Yakov’s Gas Station – introducing Flex
Automated Code Generation
Farata Systems :: daoFlex :: Automated generation of Java, ActionScript, MXML, & Config file code
XDoclet2 :: Automatically generate ActionScript classes (and much more) based on Java classes
Apache :: Tomcat FAQ: Development :: How to do remote debugging with Eclipse & Tomcat
Daniel Harfleet :: Debugging Flex and Java at the same time
James Ward :: Debug Flex & Java Together in Flex Builder 2
Peter Martin :: FDS Plugin for Eclipse Web Tools Platform (FDS) :: Debug Flex and FDS Java in the same project on Tomcat and other non-JRun servlet containers :: More info
Marco Casario :: How to install and develop using Flex 2 (FDS) and EJB3 projects :: Part 1
James Brundege :: Don’t Let Hibernate Steal Your Identity :: And some (rather critical) comments
Marcel Boucher :: My First Hibernate Enabled Flex Application :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Victor Rubba :: Default generator class in Hibernate Code Generator
Victor Rubba :: Flex Data Services – CRM Sample using Hibernate
Victor Rubba :: How to keep db connections alive in FDS/Hibernate
Victor Rubba :: Many-to-Many using FDS & Hibernate
Victor Rubba :: Pointing Hibernate to MySQL
Victor Rubba :: Why Hibernate with Flex Data Services 2?
Daniel Harfleet :: Debugging Flex and Java at the same time
Daniel Harfleet :: Installing Flex Data Services on JBoss
Daniel Harfleet :: Java Development in Flex Builder
Jove Shi :: Use Flex Message Service with JBoss
Marco Casario :: How to install and develop using Flex 2 (FDS) and EJB3 projects :: Part 1
Victor Rubba :: Installing FDS with JBoss and IIS
Christophe Coenraets :: Flex and JMS: Portfolio Viewer :: More info
Jove Shi :: Use Flex Message Service with JBoss
Jared Rypka-Hauer :: Get Flex to Use the JRun Logs
Adobe :: Flex 2 Tag Library for JSP
Mansour Raad :: Making Great Mapping Mashups Using Adobe Flex
Christophe Coenraets :: Using Flex With Spring :: Includes 3 examples with source code
Adobe :: Tomcat-Specific FDS Install Instructions
Christophe Coenraets :: Flex Test Drive Server for Java Developers (Tomcat-based)
Daniel Harfleet :: Flex Messaging in Tomcat
Douglas McCarroll :: Setting Up A Windows Apache/Tomcat/FDS Server
llin :: Using FDS 2 with Tomcat
Marco Casario :: Flex 2 applications deployed under J2EE: Tomcat vs WebLogic
Peter Martin :: FDS Plugin for Eclipse Web Tools Platform :: Version 2 Beta :: Debug Flex and FDS Java in the same project on Tomcat and other non-JRun servlet containers
Peter Martin :: Deploying Flex on WebSphere Application Server

Flex Coding

AS3 Library For Amazon’s S3 Service
Digg :: Flash toolkit
Google Analytics PHP API
Google Gears :: Also, see the Google Gears section below
Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Maps
Yahoo Search
Yahoo Weather
Cliff Hall :: PureMVC
Joe Berkovitz :: An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Sean Levy :: Complete component communication solution for Flex :: Using ALON (Autonomous Linking Object Network Design Pattern)
Automated Code Generation
See the Automated Code Generation section on our Testing, Debugging & Agile Methods page.
Daniel Rinehart :: Programmatic Bindings
Ralph Hauwert :: Autocomplete component memory leak
Charting Components
Adobe :: Chart data drill down examples
Doug McCune :: Why I LOVE Flex – Charting example
Coding Conventions
DClick :: Adobe Flex Coding Guidelines
Collections, Libraries & Frameworks
Adobe :: corelib :: MD5 hashing, JSON serialization, advanced string and date parsing, and more
Adobe :: Flex Cookbook beta
Adobe :: Flex Scheduling Framework
Adobe :: Quick Starts :: Great stuff
Adobe :: RSS and Atom Libraries
Danny Patterson :: AS3 Lightweight Remoting Framework :: “a simple yet robust framework for handling remoting calls”
Faranta Systems :: daoFlex :: Automated generation of Java data access code
JAM :: Just ActionScript & MXML
Ely Greenfield :: Some thoughts on Flex vs. HTML (or…”how I made my Flex List Images stop flickering.”)
Stephen Gilson :: Creating Resizable and Draggable Flex Components
Context Menus
Kevin Hoyt :: Context Menus Revisited
Database Connectivity
Lukasz Blachowicz :: Asql :: Actionscript MySQL Driver
Matt MacLean :: asSQL :: Actionscript MySQL Driver
Drawing Etc.
Andrew Trice :: Flex 2 BitmapData Tricks and Techniques
Andrew Trice :: Realtime Thumbnails of Flex UIComponents :: More info
Jason Hawryluk :: Primitive Explorer :: More info
Ted Patrick :: Developing in Trees :: Adding sprites to the DisplayList :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Bruce Phillips :: Filtering an XML Object In ActionScript to Create Related Combo Boxes in Flex
Mike Morearty :: Common E4X pitfalls
Oliver Merk :: Flex Custom Events – Part 1
Tink :: Custom Events in AS 3.0 (don’t forget to override the clone method)
Google Gears
Google Gears :: “Three modules that address the core challenges in making web applications work offline”
LocalServer :: Cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) locally
Database :: Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database
WorkerPool :: Make your web applications more responsive by performing resource-intensive operations asynchronously
http://code.google.com/p/as3mapprlib Christophe Coenraets :: Flex-based SQLAdmin for Google Gears
Alex Styler :: Flex, Yahoo! Maps & RSS Feeds
David Coletta :: Accelorator Decorations on Menus
Modularization, RSLs, Etc.
James Ward :: Faster Flex Applications: Shrink Your RSLs
James Ward :: Ajax and Flex Data Loading Benchmarks
Mark Piller :: Flex RemoteObject vs WebService benchmark
Nico Lierman :: Flex performance component
Physics Engines
Andre Michelle
Moto Flash Physics Engine
Timothée Groleau :: Scope Chain and Memory waste in Flash MX
Uncategorized Code Examples & Tips
Alastair Dawson :: Multiple File Upload with Flash and Ruby on Rails
Andrew Trice :: Benefits of defining a custom event type for data binding :: E.g. “[Bindable(event=”MyEvent”)]”
Andrew Trice :: Flex Search Mashup :: Uses AJAX Bridge :: More info
Andrew Trice :: Gantt Charts in Flex DataGrids in less than 1 hour!
Angus Johnson :: Datagrid Label Function Demo
Arpit Mathur :: Showing XML structure in a Tree
Ben Clinkinbeard :: Item Renderers in DataGrids – A Primer for Predictable Behavior
Ben Clinkinbeard :: Creating truly reusable renderers with ClassFactory
Brian Deitte :: Embedding HTML in a Flex application using an IFrame
Bruce Phillips :: Creating A Flex ButtonBar That Displays Tool Tips
Bruce Phillips :: Creating Web Page and Email Links In A Flex Application
Bruce Phillips :: Dynamically Create CheckBoxes, Their Labels, And Their Select Values In Flex
Bruce Phillips :: Example Of Using Modules In Flex 2.01
Bruce Phillips :: How To Create A FlexBook Component That Includes Content Pulled From A Database
Bruce Phillips :: How To Get Text To Wrap Correctly In A Flex DataGrid Column
Bruce Phillips :: Sort An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields and Filter An ArrayCollection By Multiple Fields In Flex
Bruce Phillips :: Using the TileList Control :: Dragging Items From a TileList Control To A Container
Christophe Coenraets :: Building Collaborative Applications with Flex Data Services and Flash Media Server
Daniel Wanja :: Flex introspection API: describeType(value:*):XML :: Find a class’s superclass, methods, etc.
Darron Schall :: Convert Generic Objects into Class Instances
Dave Rangel :: A Form Validation Tool in Flex 2
David Coletta :: Call validateNow() after setting enabled to false
Derrick Grigg :: DataGrid ItemRenderer with filtering
Doug McCune :: Multi-line strings in Actionscript 3
Ely Greenfield :: Howdjoo do that? An interactive walkthrough of the DisplayShelf 3D tilting effect
Ely Greenfield :: Using Custom Data-Based Renderers in Charts
Ely Greenfield :: Dashed Lines
Fain, Rasputnis & Tartakovsky :: Advanced DataGrid Code Samples
Jesse Warden :: Checkbox Item Renderer :: Discusses how to catch their bubbling events
Joe Berkovitz :: An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Joe Rinehart :: Semantically encapsulating effect sequences in Flex 2
Kelly Brown :: Accessing the Local File System with Flex
Mark Piller :: Mixing HTML and Flex using IFrame
Michael Labriolla :: Displaying XML-based DataGrids using dynamic E4X expressions
Michael Ramirez :: Flex DataGrid Paging Example with Source
Michael Ritchie :: Adding Drag-and-Drop & Drop Deny to DataGrid
Mike Morearty :: Transparent Flex Apps
Mike Teoti :: Flex 2 :: Tree :: Walking the Tree Method :: “the dataProvider rocks”
Paul Williams :: The World’s Smallest Tag? ::
Peter Elst :: Working with mx.core.Repeater
Peter Ent :: Coloring the Background of [DataGrid] Cells
Peter Ent :: Data Binding Tip :: “A simple way to enable/disable controls based on selection”
Peter Ent :: Filtering Collections
Peter Ent :: Tree Drag and Drop
Sergey Kovalyov :: Text control with truncateToFit property support
Renaun Erickson :: Flex 2 and Red 5 Chat Example :: Live example
Ted Patrick :: Code-Behind in Flex 2
Tink :: Drag & Drop
Tom Cornilliac :: Flex Builder Tip: Saving the generated AS3 code :: Use the compilers -keep option, examine your MXML’s AS3 code conversion!
Tracy Spratt :: Add components programmatically with addChild()
Tracy Spratt :: Hide-Show DataGrid Columns programmatically
Tracy Spratt :: Dynamic DataGrid columns
Victor Rubba :: DataGrid Search with Highlighted Matches
Yakov Fain :: Event-driven programming in Flex with Custom Events


Ely Greenfield :: Some Thoughts and examples on making Custom Flex Charts simpler
Mike Nimer :: CustomRowColorDataGrid component
Peter Ent ::
DataGrid Tip: Row Background Color
Peter Ent :: Writing Flex 2 Components

Code Libraries
AS3 XIFF Implementation :: Add Jabber IM to your app!
FZip :: Parses Zip archives

FlexComponents mailing list

Component Directories
Adobe Flex Exchange

Components & Widgets
Adobe ::
AutoComplete TextInput
Adobe ::
Component Explorer
Adobe :: Flex Exchange
Adobe ::
Masked Text Input
Adobe ::
Style Explorer
Andrew Oliver ::
Andrew Trice ::
ImageViewer :: Zooming, panning… :: More info
Arpit Mathur ::
Showing XML structure in a Tree
Arpit Mathur :: Squarified Treemap :: More info
Ben Stucki ::
Audio Visualization :: More info
Brendan Meutzner ::
Dual Slider :: More info
Brendan Meutzner ::
Google Finance’ish Flex Chart Range Selector :: More info
Brendan Meutzner ::
AutoRefresh Component
Brendan Meutzner ::
Time Entry Widget :: More info
Cahlan ::
Uploading Files With PHP :: More info
Darron Schall ::
AdvancedDataGrid :: More info
Darron Schall ::
Closeable Tab Navigator Component
Darron Schall :: FlowLayout Container :: More info
Doug McCune ::
Convertible TreeList :: Set the dataprovider once, then dynamically switch it between showing data as a Tree, text-only List, icon-only List, or a text and icon List
Doug McCune ::
Horizontal Accordion Component
Ely Greenfield :: Animated DragTile :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Chart Drilldown Animations :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Chart Sampler :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Display Shelf Component :: More info
Ely Greenfield :: FishEye :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Interactive Bubble Chart :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Interactive Calendar :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Landscape Zoomer :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
RandomWalk :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
SuperImage Component :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Variable Radius Pie Charts :: More info
Hilary Bridel :: Spell Checker :: More info
James Ward & Latha Kondur ::
Treegrid :: More info
Jason Hawryluk ::
Extended Tab Navigator :: Drag tabs from one instance to another :: More info
Jason Hawryluk ::
Tree With Spring Loaded Folders :: More info :: Update
Joe Berkovitz & Todd Rein ::
URLKit :: URL Mapping / Bookmarking for your app :: More info
Josh Tynjala ::
Auto Resizing Text Input
Mark Shepherd ::
SpringGraph Component
Narciso Jaramillo & Jason Langdon :: Live Reflection + Blur :: More info
Nick Molnar :: Captcha & CaptchaValidator :: Separate your site’s human visitors from bots
Nihit Saxena ::
3D Chart Prototype
Peter Ent :: Stack Components :: Like Accordians, except a) more than one child open at a time, and b) includes horizontal version, in addition to the more-standard vertical arrangement.
Renaun Erickson ::
AdvancedForm :: Undo, redo, validation, etc. :: More info
Roman Dolgov ::
Cascade List
Seamless Animated Skins in Flex
Ted Patrick :: Custom Preloader Component :: More info
Teoti Graphix ::
Teoti Graphix ::
ResizeManagerFX :: Allows users to move and resize visual components :: More info
Vasiliy Nuzha ::
Korax Color Picker :: More info
WebGem ::
Bar Code Reader :: More info
ToolTip: using htmlText in a toolTip in flex

Flex Presentations

Adobe Flex :: Presentations
From Adobe
Adobe Flex 2 live eSeminar Series :: Ongoing
Adobe Component Developer Summit :: June 2006 :: Slides and Examples
Adobe Developer Week Sessions :: June 2006 :: Online Breeze presentations
David George ::
Tips & Tricks for Delivering More Responsive Flex Applications
James Ward :: Build YouTube Video Player On Linux :: Under 5 minutes, just 8 lines of code, for free (as in beer)
James Ward ::
Watch a Flex app built in 11 minutes
Ted Patrick :: Flex Builder 101 – 4 Essential Lessons
By Others
Jesse Warden ::
Using Flash & Flex Together :: August 2006
Real-World Flex Seminar (8/14/06)

Adobe Flex doc

Adobe Flex: Docs
Developer Certification Exam Spec
Flex 2
Adobe’s Flex Docs Page
Installing Flex 2:
Getting Started With Flex 2: LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Using Flex Builder 2:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Flex 2 Language Reference:
Flex 2 Developer’s Guide:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Flex 3 Beta Documentation:
Flex 3 Beta Language Reference:
Data Binding Doc Updated: 1/22/2007: Includes example files
Creating And Extending Flex 2 Components:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Building And Deploying Flex 2 Applications:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Programming Action Script 3:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Migrating Flex 1.5 Applications To Flex 2:
PDF: Zip
Flex 3 Beta
Online Docs
Flex 3 Beta 3 Documentation
Flex 3 Beta 3 on
Adobe Labs. Here is a summary of doc changes between Beta 2 and Beta 3:
Advanced DataGrid, OLAP DataGrid, advanced charting, and automation agents are now part of the Advanced Data Visualization Developer Guide. Advanced Data Visualization is available when you purchase Flex Builder 3 Professional, although a watermarked version is available in Flex Builder 3 Standard.
For the core Flex documentation, we reorganized the online table of contents to display information in a topic-oriented (as opposed to book-oriented) manner. Go to
http://livedocs.adobe.com/labs/flex3/html/index.html to see what I mean.
Of course, the big news is the release of BlazeDS. You can get more information at
http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/blazeds/ and Mike Peterson will be blogging about the docs later today.
Other than bug fixes, these are the final docs, so please let us know if you find any problems. In particular, we’re interested in non-functional context-sensitive help in Flex Builder. You can report bugs either by adding comments to this post or by using the
public bugbase.
Useful/updated links for Beta 3
Flex 3 Getting Started Experience
Download Beta 3 (requires login to adobe.com)
Usage docs
Reference docs
Download a ZIP file containing usage doc (PDF) and Reference doc (HTML)
Bugs and known issues
http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FLEXDOCS-282 – ‘Create Self-Signed Digital Certificate’ help button does not open a help topic.
http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FLEXDOCS-307 – Printing a topic and its sub topics spews out duplicates at the sub-topic level resulting in huge printouts
Search within the Beta 3 docs on LiveDocs is funky. We’re working on this and hope to have it fixed soon.

Posters & Diagrams
Action Script 3 Class Diagram
Flex 2 Framework Diagram
Search Utilities
Andrew Trice’s Flex Search Mashup


Articles on FLEX

How Flex can transform the user experience on the web

Architecture, Design Patterns, Refactoring, Etc
Best Practice: Code Behind versus MXML Script Blocks versus View Helper
An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Advanced ActionScript Refactoring :: Intro :: Step 1 :: Step 2 :: Step 3
MVC Considered Harmful :: Great discussion in comments

Data Binding
Data Binding Doc Updated :: 1/22/2007 :: Includes example files

Flash Media Server
Flash Media Server, Flex Builder 2, and ANT

Modularization & Libraries
How-To: Reduce the size of your Flex app
Building Modular Applications3

Maps & Mashups
Google Maps Collaboration using Flex, Flash Media Server and AJAX
Show the marker on the map on the click on the map
Multiple Instances of Yahoo Maps in a Single Page :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Making Great Mapping Mashups Using Adobe Flex
Census Mashups Using StrikeIron Web Services and Yahoo Maps in Flex 2

Adobe Flash Security and Adobe Enterprise Solutions

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