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Adobe Flex: Docs
Developer Certification Exam Spec
Flex 2
Adobe’s Flex Docs Page
Installing Flex 2:
Getting Started With Flex 2: LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Using Flex Builder 2:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Flex 2 Language Reference:
Flex 2 Developer’s Guide:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Flex 3 Beta Documentation:
Flex 3 Beta Language Reference:
Data Binding Doc Updated: 1/22/2007: Includes example files
Creating And Extending Flex 2 Components:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Building And Deploying Flex 2 Applications:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Programming Action Script 3:
LiveDocs: PDF: Zip
Migrating Flex 1.5 Applications To Flex 2:
PDF: Zip
Flex 3 Beta
Online Docs
Flex 3 Beta 3 Documentation
Flex 3 Beta 3 on
Adobe Labs. Here is a summary of doc changes between Beta 2 and Beta 3:
Advanced DataGrid, OLAP DataGrid, advanced charting, and automation agents are now part of the Advanced Data Visualization Developer Guide. Advanced Data Visualization is available when you purchase Flex Builder 3 Professional, although a watermarked version is available in Flex Builder 3 Standard.
For the core Flex documentation, we reorganized the online table of contents to display information in a topic-oriented (as opposed to book-oriented) manner. Go to to see what I mean.
Of course, the big news is the release of BlazeDS. You can get more information at and Mike Peterson will be blogging about the docs later today.
Other than bug fixes, these are the final docs, so please let us know if you find any problems. In particular, we’re interested in non-functional context-sensitive help in Flex Builder. You can report bugs either by adding comments to this post or by using the
public bugbase.
Useful/updated links for Beta 3
Flex 3 Getting Started Experience
Download Beta 3 (requires login to
Usage docs
Reference docs
Download a ZIP file containing usage doc (PDF) and Reference doc (HTML)
Bugs and known issues – ‘Create Self-Signed Digital Certificate’ help button does not open a help topic. – Printing a topic and its sub topics spews out duplicates at the sub-topic level resulting in huge printouts
Search within the Beta 3 docs on LiveDocs is funky. We’re working on this and hope to have it fixed soon.

Posters & Diagrams
Action Script 3 Class Diagram
Flex 2 Framework Diagram
Search Utilities
Andrew Trice’s Flex Search Mashup


Articles on FLEX

How Flex can transform the user experience on the web

Architecture, Design Patterns, Refactoring, Etc
Best Practice: Code Behind versus MXML Script Blocks versus View Helper
An architectural blueprint for Flex applications
Advanced ActionScript Refactoring :: Intro :: Step 1 :: Step 2 :: Step 3
MVC Considered Harmful :: Great discussion in comments

Data Binding
Data Binding Doc Updated :: 1/22/2007 :: Includes example files

Flash Media Server
Flash Media Server, Flex Builder 2, and ANT

Modularization & Libraries
How-To: Reduce the size of your Flex app
Building Modular Applications3

Maps & Mashups
Google Maps Collaboration using Flex, Flash Media Server and AJAX
Show the marker on the map on the click on the map
Multiple Instances of Yahoo Maps in a Single Page :: Part 1 :: Part 2
Making Great Mapping Mashups Using Adobe Flex
Census Mashups Using StrikeIron Web Services and Yahoo Maps in Flex 2

Adobe Flash Security and Adobe Enterprise Solutions

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